List of versions

The full-page calendar is enhanced with new display parameters: 

  • Height: Height to be defined in pixels. Leave blank or 0 for a height without scroll bar. 
  • Default view 
  • Default view in mobile mode: If not filled in, the default view will be applied. 
  • Available views: List of views available via the calendar toolbar. 
  • Forcing the whole day
  • To show or not to show at weekends

Mobile display has also been improved.  

A new "Events Calendar" service is available in the "Search" category. 

Based on the search engine, this service offers 2 views: 

  • Small calendar (replaces the "Events calendar" service)

  • Full-page agenda (fullcalendar) (replaces the "Agenda" service)

This service allows you to :

  • filter by theme
  • export iCal
  • display external ics feeds

Calendar and Diary services now offer multi-site searches. 

News from several sites can be displayed on the same calendar. 

For more information on the "Full page diary" service, please visit this page

For more information on the "Events Calendar" service, please visit this page

The "Full-page calendar" service lets you display remote calendars. 

During configuration, the following information is requested: 

  • Link to remote calendar (in ICS format)
  • Category name (optional): remote calendar events will be displayed in the calendar under this category. 

For more information on the Full Page Diary service, please visit this page

Export events with times

Export to iCal format now supports events/news items with start and end dates containing hours.

For content to be displayed in a calendar and exported in iCal format, it must have a "start-date " field and, optionally, an "end-date" field. This is the case for the "News" content type by default.
To authorize times on start and end dates, the "start-date" and "end-date" fields must be of "datetime " type (instead of "date").

<cms:metadata name="start-date" type="datetime"> 
 <label i18n="false">Date et heure de début</label> 
 <description i18n="false">Date et heure de début de l'événement</description> 
<cms:metadata name="end-date" type="datetime"> 
 <label i18n="true">Date et heure de début</label> 
 <description i18n="true">Date et heure de fin de l'événement</description> 

Unit export of events/news

Any content type with a "start-date" or "datetime" field can be exported in iCal (.ics) format.

url is of the form [URL_SERVEUR]/_plugins/calendar/[LANG]/export-event.ics?contentId=[ID_CONTENT]

Integration example: adding a link to rendered content

<a class="link export" href="{$site-uri-prefix}/_plugins/calendar/{@language}/export-event.ics?contentId={@id}">Exporter au format iCal</a>
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