Graphics migration manual v1.4.0 to v1.5.0

The"Full-page agenda" and"Events calendar" services are no longer provided by plugin News but by plugin Agenda.

To keep these services, download and install plugin Agenda v1.1.0 in your application.

If you have overloaded the rendering of these services in your graphic charter you must:

  • Rename the "news" directory in skins/[NOM_SKIN]/services to "calendar".
  • In the XSL directory, replace all occurrences of <xsl:import href="plugin:news://..."/>  by <xsl:import href="plugin:calendar://..."/>
  • Similarly, in the files in this directory, be sure to replace the i18n keys when necessary (e.g: NEWS_SERVICE_CALENDAR_XSLT_LIST_LABEL becomes CALENDAR_SERVICE_CALENDAR_XSLT_LIST_LABEL).
    See i18n for plugin Agenda (and plugin News for comparison).

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