Version 1.5.0 adds support for displaying mail server/calendar errors

Error message management

This graphic migration is only necessary if you use the templates XSL "messaging-connector-card" and "script-js-messaging-connector" in your graphic charter.

Error message management and display

Deux élements <span> ont été ajoutés pour gérer les cas d'erreurs.

  • messaging-user-infos-error-server: displays the server error message

  • messaging-user-infos-error-change-password: link to change password

If you have overloaded the XSL template "email" and/or "agenda", make sure you have the following 3 spans:

For "agenda" :

<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error" style="display:none;"><xsl:copy-of select='$agenda-error'/></span>    
<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error-server" style="display:none;"><!-- This must be empty and will contain the server message --></span>    
<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error-change-password" id="agenda-user-infos-error-change-password" style="display:none;"><!-- This must be empty and will contain the link to change pasword --></span>             

For "email"

<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error" style="display:none;"><xsl:copy-of select='$email-error'/></span>    
<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error-server" style="display:none;"><!-- This must be empty and will contain the server message --></span>    
<span class="user-infos-error {$css-class-prefix}-user-infos-error-change-password" id="email-user-infos-error-change-password" style="display:none;"><!-- This must be empty and will contain the link to change pasword --></span>    
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