Setup and integration manual


plugin UGC is a toolbox. It provides a content proposal service and several tools for integrating and publishing content proposed from the site.

The plugin UGC alone does not allow you to propose and integrate content proposed from the site.
For any use it is necessary to parameterize and integrate the tools provided by the plugin UGC.

plugin UGC offers 2 ways of integrating content:

  • Insertion of proposed content in a dedicated virtual tree structure
  • Insert proposed content individually by transforming the proposed content into another type of content and choosing a target page
    This integration mode is only available from version 2.3.0 of the plugin

plugin Classified Ads is an example of the use and integration of plugin UGC with the creation of a virtual tree dedicated to "Classified Ads" content.

Here's how to use plugin :

UGC offers a xslt helper

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