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Site parameters

General information on creating and configuring a site can be found in the following section of the administration manual: Creating a new site.
Further information on these parameters can be found in the Content management section.

Two new site configuration parameters have been added to plugin.
Go to the "Content management" section of your site's settings area to enter these parameters:

  • Main language: choice of main language. The language must be indicated by its two-letter code (en, es, fr, zh...).
  • Enable alerts: yes / no. Check this box to enable translation alerts by email

To enable notifications via email , the content workflow must also be modified. See the integration manual for the procedure to follow.


New rights are associated with this extension.

Category "Page rights

Right titleRole
Report translationsReport page translations
Receive translation alertsContributors with this right will receive a notification if a page with a translation is modified.

Think about the right users and/or user groups.

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