• Stop the server
  • This plugin requires a sql table.Newsletter_Subscribers". Go to the application database and run script for the type of database you are using:
  • Download jars from plugin and add them (ametys-plugin-newsletter-1.x.y.jar and ametys- plugin-newsletter-resources-1.x.y.jar) in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your application. Ametys

  • Add a button to open the newsletter management tool in the WEB-INF/params/cms-ribbon-default.xml. The button identifier is org.ametys.newsletter.userinterface.Newsletters.
    We recommend adding it to the Home tab, in the "Advanced tools" group.

  • In the same file, import the ribbon file specific to newsletters plugin:newsletter://cms-ribbon.xml
    <tab label="RIBBON_TABS_TAB_HOME_LABEL">
                    <control id="org.ametys.newsletter.userinterface.Newsletters"/>
                    <control id="org.ametys.newsletter.userinterface.Newsletters"/>

Please note! If the group contains a description <large>, <medium> and <small> button must be added to the 3.


  • Newsletters have their own workflow (draft, proposed, validated). The validation action sends the newsletter to subscribers.
    Download the workflow description file for newsletters and copy it into the WEB-INF/param directory of your application.
    Then modify the WEB-INF/param/workflows file .xml to add the reference to this file, using the name "newsletter", as shown below:

      <workflow name="content" type="file" location="workflow.xml"/>
      <workflow name="newsletter" type="file" location="workflow-newsletter.xml"/>
      <workflow name="blog" type="file" location="workflow-blog.xml"/>
  • Restart the server
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