For video and audio galleries, flowplayer's Flash player has been replaced by an HTML5 player from MediaElement.js

In fact, the video formats supported are MP4, OGV, OGG and WebM instead of FLV.

If you use the video gallery with FLV files, the player will display an error like this:

The only recommended migration is to replace FLV videos with videos in MP4, OGV, OGG or WebM format (Flash is dead).

If you want to keep the videos in FLV format, you need a Flash player.

  • either override the default gallery view to restore the old Flash player
  • or create a new view ("flash-gallery" for example) to keep the possibility of using the existing HTML5 player

Please note that the "Video file" field now only accepts MP4, OGV, OGG or WebM formats. To keep the possibility of adding FLVs, you must also overload this field.

If you have overloaded the graphic rendering of the player in your graphic charter, your overloading is certainly no longer compatible, and needs to be reworked.




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