Contents Audio gallery

This type allows you to select a series of audio files in MP3 format to be presented in the form of galleries or page slideshows.


  • .mp3 format support
  • A single flash player: gallery presented as a "playlist".
  • Add unlimited MP3 files from your hard disk or resource explorer.
  • Optional title, description and alternative for each audio file.
  • Re-organize the audio gallery at any time.
  • Configurable audio player width.

Content editing

This content is made up of a number of fields of the Article content type:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Illustration
  • Header or summary
  • Description ( Content field in Article)
  • And properties (Dublin Core metadata)

It is then composed of an unlimited series of audio files.

In editing mode, select an audio file from your hard disk (local file) or from the Resource Explorer (shared file).
For each audio file, you can define a title, description and text alternative (for browsers without flash player).


On each gallery item, use the buttons on the right to reorder, add or delete the file.


Example of rendering

Gallery rendering depends on your graphic charter.
Here's an example of rendering using FlowPlayer OpenSource Flash player.


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