Application management

The "Search applications" tool, accessible to users with the "Search applications" right, enables you to search, view and manage applications.

Those responsible for job offers (Job Offer content field) automatically have access to their own applications.

They also automatically have the rights to "Disapprove an application" and "Retain an application", enabling them to advance the life cycle of an application.

The application management tool is a search tool. As such, it benefits from the following functionalities:

  • display of application fields in the table, defined by an overloadable search template
  • export applications in XML, CSV or word format

Without overloading the search model, the result columns display:

  • standard application fields (last name, first name, email, resume, cover letter)
  • deposit date
  • the associated job offer
  • life cycle status
  • offer manager(s) (hidden by default)

Double-click to view the application in another tab.

The actions available on an application depend on the associated workflow.
As standard, the actions available in the ribbon for an offer manager are as follows:

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