Glossary tool

The plugin glossary provides a back-office tool for defining glossary words.

  1. Tool presentation
  2. Add a definition
  3. Add a definition from the online editor

Tool presentation

Click on the Glossary button on the Home to open the Glossary tool


This tool takes the form of a table of existing definitions, sorted by letter.

Each glossary is site- and language-specific.

Add a definition

Choose a language from the drop-down list at the top of the tool.

Click on the New definition button to add a new definition to the glossary.


Fill in the following fields:

  • Term: The word to be added to the glossary.
  • Variants: Alternative terms for your word, separated by commas (feminine/plural form, verb conjugation, etc.).
  • Definition: The definition of the word.
  • Show: Check this box to highlight occurrences of this word (and its variants) in the content of your pages. A tooltip will display the definition of the word on mouseover.

The settings window is identical when modifying a word.
Select a word and click on the Modify button to modify a word in the glossary.
Select a word and click on the Delete button to remove a word and its variants from the glossary.

Add a definition from the online editor

You can also add a term to the glossary directly when editing content.

In editing mode, select the term to be added and click on"Add to glossary".


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