Classified ad life cycle

plugin Classified Ads provides 2 possible lifecycles for classified ads:

A priori validation

Classified ads posted on the site are directly validated and therefore published.
It is possible to refuse or delete these classified ads at a later date.


Classified ads posted on the site will not be validated directly.
A moderator may subsequently validate or reject classified ads.


To access these lifecycles, copy the files ugc-classified-ads-postvalidation.xml and ugc-classified-ads-prevalidation.xml into your application's WEB-INF/param/workflows file.

In your application's WEB-INF/i18n/messages_*.xml files, add the keys associated with these new workflows.

<message key="WORKFLOW_ugc-classified-ads-prevalidation">Validation à priori</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_ugc-classified-ads-postvalidation">Validation à posteriori</message>
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