Administration manual


To use Zimbra, you need to set up Zimbra and its configuration parameters.


Zimbra settings :

For the pre-authentication key, please refer to this wiki: https: //

The command to issue is: (if you are identified as a zimbra user by this command before: su - zimbra).

zmprov generateDomainPreAuthKey

Next, you need to authorize authentication via the secret key:

zmprov gd YOUR_DOMAIN zimbraPreAuthKey

Don't forget to restart Zimbra to ensure that it is correctly taken into account:

zmcontrol restart


Configuration parameters :

Go to the application's configuration interface to set :

  • URL webmail: you can enter your site'sURL , suffixed with /_plugins/zimbra/redirect?target=.mail
  • URL calendar: you can enter your site'sURL , suffixed with /_plugins/zimbra/redirect?target=Calendar
  • Population: Enter the identifier of the population associated with the mailbox. This parameter is mandatory if you have at least two distinct populations.
  • URL from the server : L'URL complete to the Zimbra application
  • Secret key: key for pre-authentication, retrieved during Zimbra configuration.
  • Other parameters allow you to adjust caches and connections. Tooltips indicate their influence. 
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