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This tool is an online graphics editor. You can directly modify all your graphic charter files: images, Javascript, CSS, XSL, etc...

It behaves like theResource Explorer. You can :

  • Create, rename or delete folders
  • Create, rename, delete or download files.

Tool opening

In the Integrator tab tab, click on the Editor button to open the tool.

 In the dialog box that opens, select the graphic charter to be opened for modification.

The list of available charters depends on the rights assigned to you.

Click on "Ok".

The different opening modes

When opening the tool, several cases may arise:

  • First use of the tool

If the chart has never been edited using the chart editor, there is no saved working version of the chart.

A working version is created from a copy of the production chart (skins directory), and the tool is opened directly.

  • The charter has already been modified and a working version has been saved.

In this case, you have the choice of starting from this last working version or from the charter in production.

Depending on your choice, a new working version is created from a copy of the saved working version or from a copy of the production chart.

The selected graphic will then be copied in its entirety to a dedicated workspace.

  • The last time you used the workshop, you left the tool without saving your work.

In this case, you are offered the choice of either resuming your unsaved changes, or abandoning your changes and working from the last backup or production charter.

  • The current chart is linked to the graphic chart workshop tool

Depending on your choice, you may choose to break the link with the model or to continue by keeping the link with the model at the risk of losing your modifications.

If you choose to break the link, your charter can no longer be modified using the Graphic Charter Workshop tool.

  • The charter is being used by another user

Two people can't use the tool at the same time, as this will overwrite each other's modifications.

If the graphic charter appears to be locked by another user, you are warned by a pop-up window.
You have the option of recovering write access to the chart and opening the tool anyway.

The charter can be locked by another user if the latter has left the tool without saving during its last use. Refer to the date of the last modification to judge whether this user is actually using the tool.

If you choose to recover write rights, while the other user is using the tool at the same time, all his modification attempts will now be refused:

The tool opens in the left-hand side area and displays your chart's resources in tree form.

Arbo éditeur charte graphique

File editing

To edit a file, select it in the resource tree and click on the Open or double-click on it.
The file opens in the central area.

editor window graphic chart

At any time, you can save and cancel your changes using the "Save and close" or "Save" and "Cancel changes" buttons.






Go to production /
Go to production and close

Apply all changes made to the version in production.
Overwrites the files in the chart currently in production with the new ones.
All sites using this chart will be impacted.

Make sure you've checked your entire new charter before taking this action.

A backup of the current charter is always made before changes are applied in production.


go into production


Backups are stored in the WEB-INF/data/skins/backup/[nom_skin] directory. Contact your system administrator to retrieve a backup.
Up to 5 backups can be stored for each graphic chart (beyond that, the oldest backups are deleted).


Save /
Save and close

This action saves the current changes. You can choose to close the tool to resume your changes later.
No changes are applied to the version of the charter in production by this action.

Cancel changes

This action allows you to undo the changes you've made, either by going back to the last saved working version, or by going back to the production version.

Any changes you have made will be permanently lost.


Preview charter modifications in a new window.

Be careful when using the action Switch to production. The changes will take effect directly on all sites using the modified charter. Make sure you have taken the time to check all changes with the Preview function.

If you exit the charter editor, your changes will not be lost. You will be able to come back to the currently modified charter in the future.

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