Setup and integration manual


The Ametys mobile application is based on plugin mobileApp. This plugin depends on Queries Directory (to generate the content flow) and project spaces (for activity flows). Dependency on project spaces is mandatory, but a parameter allows you to disable the activity flow if project spaces are not used.

It brings the "Appmobile link" service, which makes it easy to add mobile application download links to the stores on a page, and the addition of an access configuration link.


This chapter deals with adding and configuring your application to use the mobile application

Dependencies ivy

In your application's ivy-webapp .xml files, add the dependencies to plugins mobileapp , mobileapp-site 

Ativy of cms

<dependency org="org.ametys.plugins" name="mobileapp " branch="1.4.x" rev="latest.release" conf="web_compile_dependencies->compile_dependencies;web_runtime_dependencies->runtime_dependencies;web_compile,web_runtime->runtime"/>


<dependency org="org.ametys.plugins" name="mobileapp-site" branch="=1.4.x" rev="latest.release" conf="web_compile_dependencies->compile_dependencies;web_runtime_dependencies->runtime_dependencies;web_compile,web_runtime->runtime"/>


Add theme

  • In the cms, add the theme file.json in WEB-INF/param/mobileapp/
"icons": [
"src": "resources/img/logo96x96.png",
"sizes": "96x96",
"type": "image/png"
"default_content_image": [
"src": "resources/img/default-content-image.png",
"sizes": "256x256",
"type": "image/png"
  • As well as the theme icons in your charter (skin). In the example above, this corresponds to the following images:
    • The logo: resources/img/logo96x96.png 
    • The default image that will be displayed when there is no image on content: resources/img/default-content-image.png


Graphic integration

This plugin comes without the default rendering of the added service. You therefore need to add this rendering to your charter: Here is an example of a rendering to be placed in the services/mobileapp directory: Download the "" file (3.4 Kb)

We must also add the possibility of inserting the new service in a zone of the charter whose identifier is org.ametys.plugins.mobileapp.mobilelink

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