Setup and integration manual

  1. Application life cycle
  2. Customize job offer fields
  3. Application form
    1. Customize form fields
    2. Form display
    3. Redirect page
  4. Search tool customization

Application life cycle

The application lifecycle is defined by the job-application workflow file. xml

Download and copy this file into your application's WEB-INF/param/workflows directory.

The default application lifecycle is as follows:

A mail notification is sent to the person(s) responsible for the offer when an application is received.

No mail is sent by default to applicants when an application is selected or not.

Like any other workflow, this one can be enriched according to your needs, to take your application processing even further.

The rights "Retain an application" and "Disapprove an application" are automatically given to the persons responsible for the offers.
If the application lifecycle is enriched with new actions and new rights, it will be useful to override the ApplicationAccessController component so that it gives access to these rights to the persons responsible.

Customize job offer fields

As with any type of content, job offer fields (org.ametys.plugins.job-offer.Content.jobOffer) can be overloaded or enriched.

See the standard fields in the user manual.

Be careful not to remove the "Responsible(s)" field (personInCharge) from the "main" view.

Application form

Customize form fields

The fields in the application form correspond to the fields in the "Application" content type (org.ametys.plugins.job-offer.Content.jobApplication).

See the standard fields in the user manual.

The form can be enriched by adding the "Application" content type.

The form can contain "content" fields to existing reference tables, for example.

If other fields are defined, it is preferable (for viewing applications in the tool and notification emails) that all fields be defined at the same level (no composites).

Repeaters are not otherwise supported by the form.

Form display

When rendering a job offer, the form is inserted by calling the template <xsl:call-template name="job-application-form"/>

By default, if the offer closing date has passed, a "This offer has expired" message replaces the form.

Redirect page

By default, after submitting the form, the user is redirected to a standard Ametys page with the message "Your application has been successfully processed".

It is recommended to modify this redirect page, to select an editorial page.

To do this, in the rendering of a job offer, override the template XSL "job-application-form-redirect-page", which is empty by default. You can, for example, define theurl of a labeled page.

<xsl:template name="job-application-form-redirect-page">
 <xsl:variable name="redirectPageId" select="ametys:findPagesIdsByTag($site, $lang, 'JOB_APPLICATION_SUCCESS')"/>
   <xsl:if test="$redirectPageId"><xsl:value-of select="resolver:resolve('page', $redirectPageId/@id)"/></xsl:if>

Search tool customization

The BO tool for viewing/managing applications is a search tool, based on the "job-applications.xml" search model.

Like any other search template, it can be overloaded. By default, the columns displayed correspond to the standard fields of an application + a link to the job offer and the offer identifier/reference.

If fields are added to the "Application" content type, it is strongly recommended that you also override the search template to add these fields as a result column.

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