• Edit button labels

      Edit button labels

      Previously, the code for edit buttons was

      <button class="ametys-front-edition-button"></button>

      Now it is

      <button class="ametys-front-edition-button"><span class="ametys-front-edition-button-text">Modifier</span></button>


      This means that text is added to the button, which you can hide, for example, with CSS

      .ametys-front-edition-button-text { display: none; }
    • Graphics migration

      Display of edit buttons

      Since version 1.4, edit buttons have been created and displayed systematically, not just on mouse-over.

      For those who had used the hidden "buttonOnMouseOver" option in 1.3.x, it is now useless and should be removed from the XSL import; but a graphical migration may still be necessary.

      Techniquement, la classe CSS "ametys-front-edition-possible" est maintenant présente en permanence, et le <button> aussi et la nouvelle classe CSS "ametys-front-edition-hover" est ajoutée au survol.

      So there are two possibilities

      • return to current behavior
      • switch to new behavior

      Return to current behavior


      A rule similar to 

      .ametys-front-edition-possible button { display: none; } 
      .ametys-front-edition-hover.ametys-front-edition-possible button { display: block; } 

      Switch to new behavior

      Depending on your rendering, there may be nothing to do.

      But, for example, it may be necessary to remove the false button displayed by certain charts when the "ametys-front-edition-possible" class was absent, and then create a graphic effect using the new "ametys-front-edition-hover" class.

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