• Cost management

      Cost management

      This page should only be used if script asks you to manually migrate skin.20210920.FORMS

      This migration is optional, but cost management will be available in all cases and may not work properly. 

      Cost management allows you to associate an amount with items in drop-down lists, as well as displaying the total amount due by the contributor.

      If you have overloaded one of the following templates (in a docbook2html.xsl file) in your
      graphic charter, you must :

    • Date and datetime widgets

      This page should only be used if script asks you to manually migrate skin.20220209.FORMS

      The rendering of "date" and "datetime" fields has been changed at XSL plugin .





       jquery date

      date html5 


       simple text

       datetime html5

      Concerning xsl docbook2html.xsl, the templates concerned are as follows

      1. <xsl:template match="html:label">
      2. <xsl:template match="html:input">
      3. <xsl:template name="form-input">
      4. <xsl:template name="form-input-confirmation">
      5. <xsl:template match="html:input[@type='text']" mode="form-check">
      6. <xsl:template name="form-input-text-date-script">

      <xsl:template match="html:label">

      Retirer tout le bloc <xsl:if> qui teste @regexptype='date'. (4 lignes environ)

      <xsl:template match="html:input">

      Remove call to template "form-input-text-date-script" (1 line).

      <xsl:template name="form-input">

      Replace line

      <xsl:if test="@type = 'text' and @regexptype = 'date'"><xsl:attribute name="maxlength">10</xsl:attribute></xsl:if>


                  <xsl:if test="@type = 'text' and @regexptype = 'date'">
                      <xsl:attribute name="type">date</xsl:attribute>
                      <xsl:if test="@minvalue and @minvalue != ''">
                          <xsl:attribute name="min"><xsl:value-of select="@minvalue"/></xsl:attribute>
                      <xsl:if test="@maxvalue and @maxvalue != ''">
                          <xsl:attribute name="max"><xsl:value-of select="@maxvalue"/></xsl:attribute>

      and also replace

      <xsl:if test="@type = 'text' and @regexptype = 'datetime'"><xsl:attribute name="maxlength">16</xsl:attribute></xsl:if>


                  <xsl:if test="@type = 'text' and @regexptype = 'datetime'">
                      <xsl:attribute name="type">datetime-local</xsl:attribute>
                      <xsl:if test="@minvalue and @minvalue != ''">
                          <xsl:attribute name="min"><xsl:value-of select="translate(@minvalue, ' ', 'T')"/></xsl:attribute>
                      <xsl:if test="@maxvalue and @maxvalue != ''">
                          <xsl:attribute name="max"><xsl:value-of select="translate(@maxvalue, ' ', 'T')"/></xsl:attribute>

      <xsl:template name="form-input-confirmation">

      Carry out the same operation as above

      <xsl:template match="html:input[@type='text']" mode="form-check">

      Supprimer le bloc <xsl:when test="@regexptype = 'date'"> (31 lignes environ).
      Supprimer le bloc <xsl:when test="@regexptype = 'datetime'"> (31 lignes environ).

      <xsl:template name="form-input-text-date-script">

      This template no longer exists in the kernel. You can remove it from your XSL.

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