• Plugin Extraction - Migration manual v1.0.0 to v1.1.0

      Thesaurus referencing

      Following the changes made to version 2.1.0 of plugin Thesaurus, the definition of thesaurus components had to be modified:

      Instead of entering the thesaurus name and the microthesaurus name, you must now enter the microthesaurus identifier.

      For example, in the following component :

      <thesaurus tagName="myThesaurusComponent" thesaurusName="MyThesaurusName" microThesaurusName="MyMicroThesaurusName" max-level="4"/> 

      we can replace "thesaurusName="MyThesaurusName" microThesaurusName="MyMicroThesaurusName"" with "microThesaurus="MyMicroThesaurusContentTypeID"" :

      <thesaurus tagName="myThesaurusComponent" microThesaurus="MyMicroThesaurusContentTypeID" max-level="4"/> 

      Existing definition files must be modified.

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