• Choice of import languages

      Choice of import languages

      A new mandatory parameter (Language(s)) lets you choose the import language(s).

      For each of your synchronizations, you need to define this new parameter.
      You can modify your existing synchronization definitions in the administration interface, or edit the [AMETYS_HOME]/data/config/synchronizable-collections.xml

      In this file, add import languages based on the following model:

      <collection id="my-collection">       


    • Setting the synchronization action

      Setting the synchronization action

      A new parameter (Synchronization action) has been added for content synchronization:

      You therefore need to define it for each of your synchronizations.
      To do this, go to your data folder and open the file data/config/synchronizable-collections.xml

      And add the (synchronizeActionId) parameter by hand:

      <collection id="orgunit">   


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