Steering report Teacher potential

  1. Definition
  2. Prerequisites
    1. Teaching discipline
    2. Defining teaching potential
    3. Define the hours required for each teaching discipline
  3. Generate report
  4. Results

This Teacher Potential pilot report is available from version 4.3 onwards. 

Access to this report is subject to the "Launch Teacher Potential Pilot Report" right.


The Teacher Potential steering report is an Excel report that compares the hours required per teaching discipline (calculated as follows: number of hours * TD equivalent * number of groups) with the teaching potential for that discipline. 


Teaching discipline

The notion of teaching discipline is added to Ametys-ODF.

This is defined in the "Teaching discipline" reference table in the "Piloting" category: 

Each teaching discipline must be added to this reference table. 

In the example below, two disciplines are present: 

Defining teaching potential

Teaching potential is defined at component level, in the "Management" section. 

In the example below, the teaching potential is entered for the 2 disciplines: 

It is not possible to define a potential teacher twice for the same discipline. Verification is carried out at the time of saving. In this case, an error message is displayed: 

Define the hours required for each teaching discipline

On an ELP, it is possible to define a teaching discipline in two ways: 

  • By filling in the "Teaching discipline" field in the "Piloting" tab

  • By filling in the "Teaching discipline" field in the teaching hours section of the "Presentation" tab.

As soon as the teaching discipline is entered in the teaching hours tab, it takes over from the discipline entered in the Steering tab. 

Generate report

Before launching this report, it is necessary to have launched the Groups report so that the groups can be calculated (these calculations are used to generate the Teacher Potential report)

When you click on the a pop-up window opens for the user to select the parameters for the potential teacher report.





From the drop-down list, select the component on which the report is to be run.

If you do not select a component, the report will be run on all components. 



Select the catalog on which you want to run the report.



Select the language for content included in the report.


Click on OK to confirm.
A new pop-up will open to confirm your choice to launch the potential teacher report.

From the piloting tab, click on the search button in the search criteria to bring up the potential teacher report.

To download the report, double-click on it or go to the Steering tab and click on the Download report button.

The downloaded report is in zip format and contains teacher potential files by component.


The Excel result file has 3 columns: 

  • Discipline
  • Teaching potential
  • TD equivalent hours calculated

Disciplines are listed by line; the last line entitled (empty) corresponds to hours for which a teaching discipline has not been entered. 


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