Translating a training offer

The features described on this page are part of Plugin Report translations (installed by default in the demo application Ametys).

This plugin allows a contributor to indicate, for a training course, which is the corresponding page in each of the other languages managed by the site.
The graphic charter can then use this information to indicate that the training course exists in another language.

Translation from one language to another must be carried out by a translator or a person familiar with both languages.
This page explains how to enable a contributor or webmaster to translate one or more courses.

  1. Use cases
  2. Prerequisites
    1. Site map
    2. Translate a training sheet
    3. Translate the full course
    4. One-page translation

Use cases

A webmaster has a site in French and would like to distribute information in English, and translate a page, a training course or several training courses.

The first step in translating a page, a course or several courses is to translate the content into the desired language, in this case English.


The webmaster must have made the site available in English.

The list of languages available for a website can be viewed in the administration area of CMS Ametys , please refer to the Administration Manual if necessary.

Contributors who are going to set up the training course(s) on the English site must have rights to the English site map and to certain training tools. (see Assigning rights).

Site map

CMS Ametys manages a site map by language.

The sitemap tool lets you choose the language of the sitemap you wish to work on.

Here's an example of the site map in French (left) and English (right).

Pages can have completely different names in different languages.

To publish one or more training courses in English here, you need to define the root of the training course on a page of the site in the English sitemap.

Translate a training sheet

The first step is to search for the course you want to translate, see Search for a course.

Select the course you wish to translate, and click on the Translate button in the Training tab.

The Ametys application redirects you to the content to be translated.
To help you fill in the content of a course, please consult the edit course page.

If you want to find the training course you have just translated here in Englishin the criteria to search for the "English" language.
By default, the training search is in French.

Translate the full course

The first step is to search for the course you want to translate, see Search for a course.

Select the course you wish to translate and click on the Full translation button in the Training tab.

(to finish)

One-page translation

To translate a page, go to page translation.

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