The online editor allows you to modify your content. It's through this form that you can fill in and edit each of the various content fields.

Cet outil est accessible au sein de l'onglet contextuel Contents (automatiquement visible lorsqu'un contenu est sélectionné) à l'aide du bouton Modify content :


After opening the online editor, your ribbon is updated with new buttons.
The central zone displays a form containing all your content fields:

Formulaire d'édition

The edit form contains all the editable fields in your content. These fields can be of different types, implying visual and functional differences.

A content field can be either mandatory or optional. Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) to the left of the field label. It is not possible to save changes made to a content item if a mandatory field is not filled in. This is indicated by a red highlighting of the field and an exclamation mark icon. .

Si le champ est un champ texte riche, le ruban propose de nombreux boutons d'action (voir le détail dans la page Edition de champs riches.



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