Publish a training offer

For a ODF to be published on the front-office, you need to define a page that will carry the catalog tree of theODF you want to display.

To define this page, create a page with the Site mapselect the page and in the Pageclick on the Root of theODF

Within a single site, a single page can be the Root of the training offer.

A pop-up window opens, prompting you to complete the following fields:





Select the catalog to which the training offer root refers.


First level

Select the data to be displayed at the first level of the tree structure.


Second level

Select the data to be displayed at the second level of the tree structure.


Once the parameters have been entered, the training offer tree is generated fully automatically by Ametys.

Not all of the structural elements of the training offer are displayed on navigable pages on the site. See the display principles section ofODF.

The1st level and2nd level choices must be filled in for a training offer to be visible in the front-office.

All elements of a training offer must be validated, see the Lifecycle page.


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