ODF - Add training end date

This page should only be used if the script asks you to pass the manual migration code.ODF.20230619.teachingEnd

The field "End date of training" (teachingEnd) is now part of the default model for training and courses (abstractProgram.xml).

Your overloads for adding this field and taking it into account in rendering and/or exports can be reviewed (and probably removed). 

Search for "teachingEnd" in all your project sources and analyze whether overloading is still necessary.

The end date is supported by the product:

  • displayed in the "Training summary" column under the start date (chart ODF)
  • in the CDMfr export:

    <cdm:infoBlock userDefined="ametys-extension">
        <ametys-cdm:teachingEnd date="2023-06-30"/>
  • in the LHEO export:

    <session numero="K42W7VH8" datecrea="20191212" datemaj="20230616">
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