Modify a course

This section explains how to modify a course.

  1. Find the course to modify
  2. Modifying a course
    1. The different types of brick fields Ametys ODF
      1. Rich text fields
      2. Single-choice list fields
      3. Multiple-choice list fields
      4. Contact or component selection fields 
      5. Geolocation fields
  3. Modifying a course using the site map
  4. Save 

Find the course to modify

The first step is to search for a course, see Search for a course.

To create a course, go to the course creation page.

Modifying a course

Once you've found the course you want to modify, open the course in the central area.

You can modify the training offer in the Training tab, by clicking on Modify content.

Editing content opens a tabbed input form.

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Depending on your rights, some fields may be deactivated but still present in the form.

The different types of brick fields Ametys ODF

Rich text fields

  • Use formatting tools (see page Editing rich fields)
  • The input area can be resized using the handle in the bottom center of the screen.
  • May have a limit on the number of characters: displayed in red if the limit is exceeded
  • Visit to the right of the field contains an input hint (hover over with mouse)
  • It is possible to enter a comment associated with the content, by clicking on the picto bubble
  • Expert mode: button to switch to input mode HTML

Single-choice list fields

Allows you to select a single item of information from a drop-down list using the arrow icon, or to start writing the name of the diploma.
This field is auto-complete.

Multiple-choice list fields

Hold down the CTRL key to select or deselect list entries.

Contact or component selection fields 

This field allows you to select the element(s) from a drop-down list, where you can click on the picto to open the selection dialog box.
Located at the bottom of the dialog box, you can create a new component.

Geolocation fields

A geolocation field lets you select a point on a Google Map to define its geographic coordinates (latitude, longitude).

Modifying a course using the site map

It is possible to modify a course via the sitemap. To do this, simply search the sitemap for the course you wish to modify.

The Site Map tool is located in the Home tab.

Double-click on a course page to open the course in the central area of the window.

To modify the selected course, select the zone in which the course is inserted by clicking on the icon .

 Selected training

 Training not selected



 Once the zone has been selected, click on the"Modify content" button in theTraining tab.


To save the changes you've made to your content fields.
In the Content tab, click on the Save and close button.

You can save your work regularly by clicking on Save.
Unfold the Save & Close button menu by clicking on the arrow icon.

If you want to abandon your current modifications, you can Close without saving.

Ametys to an automatic backup function in the "Content management" configuration parameter.

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