Technical migration

Before migrating Ametys ODF , you need to migrate Ametys CMS 4 .3.x to 4.4.x

This guide covers technical migration from Ametys ODF 4.3.x to 4.4.0.
See also the graphic migration guide.   

  1. Control: user rights management
  2. Apogée synchronization
    1. Overloads with CLOB
  3. Pilot status
  4. Correction of parent/child links for Apogée

Control: user rights management

This migration concerns ODF projects that use plugin odf-pilotage and have customized steering reports.

In the case of additional control reports, button definitions referencing org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.LaunchReportByOrgUnitSchedulable must now reference org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.LaunchReportByOrgUnitChoiceSchedulable.

However, the old definition can be used in the "component" context.

Look for occurrences of org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.LaunchReportByOrgUnitSchedulable in your plugin.xml or ribbon files.

In addition, if the ribbon has been overloaded with references to the following buttons, they must be renamed (adding .choice to the end):

  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.ApogeeReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.ApogeeReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.MaquetteExtract => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.MaquetteExtract
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.MCCReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.MCCReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.SyntheseReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.SyntheseReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.CoutMaquettesReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.CoutMaquettesReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.ReglementEtudesExtract => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.ReglementEtudesExtract
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.MCCDiffReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.MCCDiffReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.VolumeHoraireReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.VolumeHoraireReport
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.ConsistencyExtract => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.ConsistencyExtract
  • org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.TeacherPotentialReport => org.ametys.plugins.odfpilotage.button.orgunit.choice.TeacherPotentialReport


Apogée synchronization

The migrations in this chapter only concern ODF applications with Apogee synchro.

Overloads with CLOB

If your project contains Apogee SCC overloads and deals with CLOBs, your code must be migrated as follows:

  1. Implement the getClobColumns() method, which lists the columns that are CLOBs on the database side.
  2. Stop overloading the _search() method if that's all the overloading was intended for. Alternatively, replace all lines dealing with CLOBs with :
values.putAll(_transformListOfMap2MapOfList(_apogeeDAO.getAddElements(dataSourceId, getParameterValues(), parameters)));

Pilot status

If your project has an overload of ODF restrictions due to piloting status (file /WEB-INF/param/odf/pilotage/restrictions.xml), you must change the name of the status tags from lower case to upper case:

  • mention_validated en MENTION_VALIDATED
  • orgunit_validated en ORGUNIT_VALIDATED
  • cfvu_validated en CFVU_VALIDATED
  • cfvu_mcc_validated en CFVU_MCC_VALIDATED

Correction of parent/child links for Apogée

Warning: for any instance ofAmetys with an Apogee project SCC implementation, following the ODF-2995 issue, you should ask a developer to check that parent-child links forODF content are properly managed following Apogee imports.

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