Training catalog

The training catalog is used to manage versions of the school's training offer.

Ametys allows you to manage multiple training catalogs, with all elements belonging to one catalog. 

A single catalog will be published in the front-office, go to the Publish a training offer page.

Create a catalog

In the Training Offer tab, click on the New catalog button.

A pop-up window opens, asking you to fill in the following fields:





Catalog title for example: Catalogue 2018 - 2022



The catalog code must be unique.

The code is filled in automatically based on the title field entry.

You can deactivate automatic code entry from the catalog title by clicking on the pictogram 


Duplicate catalog

Select the catalog you wish to duplicate from the drop-down list.

By copying an existing catalog, you don't have to start from scratch.
Ametys will take a few minutes to duplicate the courses.


Catalog management

Use the Catalogs button to manage catalogs. The list of catalogs is displayed in the central area.


In the Catalog tab you can create, rename and delete a catalog.

Simply select a catalog from the list to rename or delete it, or define a default catalog.

The Default catalog button defines the default catalog used when importing a course.

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