In the ODF brick, a dashboard tool is available for training courses and ELPs.

The dashboard tool allows you to :

- View the last 5 formations or ELPs that have been modified

- Displays the list of courses or ELPs on which there is an action to be taken, e.g. propose or validate a course. 

Training dashboard

 ELP dashboard

It is located in the Training Offer tab, under the Training Dashboard button.

It is located in the Training Offer tab of the ELPs Dashboard button.





Print panel screen

Print panel screen

The first table lists the last 5 pieces of content modified by the contributor, with: content name, translation, date of last modification and workflow status.

The other tables, presented in tabbed format (one tab for each type of action), list the content of all contributors awaiting action, with the name of the content, the author of the last modification and the date of the last modification.

In each table :

  • a single click on a course or ELP selects it (the course contextual tab appears in the ribbon).
  • double-click on a course or ELP to open the page referencing the content (or the content itself, if orphaned).

You can then perform the pending action on the selected content.


Training dashboard: visualizing changes 

From version Ametys 4.3 onwards, it is possible to use the training dashboard to view modifications (significant or otherwise) to training courses since their last validated version. The training dashboard has been enhanced with 2 new columns, "Changes" and "Significant changes":

  • the first lists all fields that have been modified since the last validated version
  • the second lists fields identified as "important" that have been modified since the last validated version

Activation of these 2 columns and configuration of the "important" fields are carried out via the dashboard settings file.


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