Skills-based approach

  1. Input
    1. Reference tables
      1. Acquisition level
      2. Skills block
      3. Competence
    2. Entering skills on an ELP
    3. Example
  2. Display
    1. Training / Career
    2. Skills acquisition chart
  3. Search
    1. From research
    2. From the training course or itinerary

This feature is available in version 4.3 ofAmetys-ODF. 

Ametys-ODF lets you enter and display skills acquired during training. 

These skills are grouped together in skill blocks, and can be acquired with an acquisition level. 

You can also search by skills. 


Reference tables

Before you can enter the skills acquired in training, 3 reference tables must be filled in: 

Acquisition level

This reference table lists the different levels of skill acquisition. 

For example: 

Skills block

Skills are listed by "block" in this reference table. 


This reference table lists the skills themselves. 

Entering skills on an ELP

Competencies are entered at ELPlevel. 

To add or modify a skill, when editing an ELP, the"Acquired skills" attribute is available in the "+ info" tab. 

 Attribute name


 Skills acquired

Can be present several times (from 0 to n). 

 Skills block

List, filled in from the "Skills block" reference table



 Can be present several times (from 0 to n)


 List, filled in from the "Competence" reference table


    Acquisition level

 List, filled in from "Acquisition level" reference table



Here's an example with a skills block comprising several skills with different levels of acquisition: 


Training / Career

Skills are displayed as follows for a training course or path, by skill block: 

Skills acquisition chart

Clicking on the "View skills acquisition table" button opens the table below: 

  • one line per skill block, divided into as many skills. 
  • ELPs are presented in columns
  • The skill acquisition level is displayed in the columns, and an 'x' is displayed if no acquisition level has been selected when filling in the skills. 



In order for the search to take into account the skills of a training course, it is first necessary to launch the "Update skills" task via the _admin. 

From research

When you enter a text in the search box, the autocomplete function lists the associated skills. Clicking on a skill allows you to find the training course(s) with that skill. 

From the training course or itinerary

On the training sheet, clicking on a skill opens a search for that skill.


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