The basics of training provision

  1. Training offer model used
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Training offer model used

The training offer is made up of a range of courses.

In Ametys ODF , 5 hierarchical elements are used to describe the training offer:

  1. training
  2. the routes
  3. containers (year or semester)
  4. lists of teaching elements
  5. pedagogical elements
  6. 2 additional elements: contacts and components

1) Training

The course object is the entry point to a course.
A training program can be structured in courses, semesters and/or years.

2) The routes

They represent pedagogical pathways leading to the diploma.
A pathway can itself be organized into years, semesters or other pathways.

3) Containers

Years or semesters are used to divide training into different periods.
A year can itself be organized into semesters.

4) Lists of teaching elements

An ELP list represents a set of teaching elements or UE (unité d'enseignement).
The list determines whether the teaching elements it contains are compulsory or optional.

A list can be placed anywhere in the course tree: under the course, under a path, under a container or under a learning element.

5) Pedagogical elements

Teaching elements, or ELPs, are used to describe a course, or teaching unit, provided in the training program.
ELPs can be shared, i.e. the same teaching unit can be used in several training programs.

An ELP is necessarily a direct child of a list of pedagogical elements.
It can itself contain a list or several lists of ELPs to further describe the course (internship, subjects, tutored projects, etc.).

6) 2 additional items:

  • Contacts: enter one or more training contacts
  • Components and establishments: you must enter the component(s) to which a course is attached.

The two additional elements are not linked to the catalog.

Training model diagram

Display principlesODF

Overview of the page structure of a training offer.

On the left is the structure of the training model, and on the right are the pages that will be visible in the site.

Not all structural elements result in navigable pages within the site.

Only elements of the Training, Path and Pedagogical element types are pages in the site.

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