Technical migration manual from version 2.3.0 to version 2.4.0

Content indexing

If your ODF application uses the plugin odf-webyou must exclude the features odf/odf-content-indexer and odf/odf-metadata-indexer in the WEB-INF/param/runtime.xml

		<!-- .... -->            

New fields listed

The standard ODF template includes 2 new fields in the "Référentiels" tab: RNCP Référentiel and RNCP Niveau. These are enumerated lists intended for exporting the RNCP sheet.

2 files XML contain the possible values and labels for these fields. Download the 2 files and copy them into your application's WEB-INF/param/odf directory:

Add/replace the associated i18n keys in your application catalog(WEB-INF/i18n /application.xml and WEB-INF/i18n/application_en .xml).

Finally, in the file WEB-INF/param/odf-enumeration.xml, add the following 2 lines:

<item key="CODE_NSF" location="context://WEB-INF/param/odf/code_nsf.xml"/>
<item key="RNCP_LEVEL" location="context://WEB-INF/param/odf/rncp_level.xml"/>

If you have overloaded the program content definition(WEB-INF/param/content-types/_override/*.xml), you must add the reference to these new metadata "rncpLevel" and "nsfCode" in the "main" view in edit mode. You can also add it to the main view in visualization mode if you wish to display these fields in the course rendering.

<cms:metadata-set name="main" type="edition">
     <cms:metadata-ref name="title" />
     <!-- // etc .. -->
        <cms:label i18n="true">PLUGINS_ODF_PROGRAM_REFERENCES_FIELDSET</cms:label>
        <cms:metadata-ref name="dgesipCode"/>
        <cms:metadata-ref name="rncpCode" />
        <cms:metadata-ref name="nsfCode"/>
		<cms:metadata-ref name="rncpLevel"/>
        <!-- // etc .. -->          

List of courses" service

The XSL service rendering has been significantly modified for optimization purposes. If your skin overloads this XSL (services/odf-web/pages/services/program-list/program-list_1.3.xsl), you will not benefit from the optimizations unless you adapt your templates to the new version of XSL. Nevertheless, compatibility is preserved.


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