On a project's home page, the exchange wall or brief wall is available in the central area if the "Exchange wall" module is activated.

The exchange wall displays published news items from the most recent to the oldest.

The exchange wall allows :

  • add a brief: a brief is made up of text and an optional image.
  • edit / delete a brief
  • pin / detach a news item: pinned news items appear first in the exchange wall
  • report a brief: send a mail to the person in charge
  • comment a brief
  • react (like) to a short

Rights to short stories

Rights to create/manage news items are managed by the "Exchange wall" module.

Any member of a project has the right to create a brief. They can also edit or delete their own briefs, provided they have the "Edit from front-office" right on the "Exchange wall" module.

Reporting, reactions and comments are not subject to any rights.
A comment can be deleted by its author.

A user has the right to modify, delete or pin any brief if they have the "Modify content", "Delete content" and "Pin a brief" rights respectively on the Exchange Wall module.
Be careful not to add these rights to just any profile.



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