Adding project spaces

This chapter deals with adding and configuring your application to use project spaces.

Dependencies ivy

In your application's ivy-webapp .xml files, add the following dependencies to plugins workspaces, workspaces-site and the workspaces charter

Ativy of cms

<dependency org="org.ametys.plugins" name="workspaces" branch="2.0.x" rev="latest.release" conf="web_compile_dependencies->compile_dependencies;web_runtime_dependencies->runtime_dependencies;web_compile,web_runtime->runtime"/>
<dependency org="org.ametys.skins" name="skin-workspaces" branch="4.3.x" rev="latest.release" conf="web_compile_dependencies->compile_dependencies;web_runtime_dependencies->runtime_dependencies;web_compile,web_runtime->runtime"/>


<dependency org="org.ametys.plugins" name="workspaces-site" branch="2.0.x" rev="latest.release" conf="web_compile_dependencies->compile_dependencies;web_runtime_dependencies->runtime_dependencies;web_compile,web_runtime->runtime"/>

Please note that through dependencies, the version of jquery provided by the kernel can be modified.
The minimum web version is 1.12, while skin workspaces provides 3.3.1

As it happens, many functions have changed in jquery 3 and therefore many scripts may no longer work if they were designed for jquery 1 or 2

It is therefore necessary to compare the version of jquery present in WEB-INF/lib before/after the installation of workspaces and if a major version jump is noted, you should retest the graphic charts mainly at the level of jquery functions (dialog boxes..) or components based on them (pirobox, carrousel, photo galleries...)
If any problems are detected, you'll need to migrate these components to support the latest version of jquery.
There's a script called jquery-migrate which tries to ensure that scripts designed for jquery 1 or 2 continue to work in jquery 3. You can import it into your head.xsl in 1st script .

Workflow files

Download the workflow files needed to use project spaces.

Copy these files into your application's WEB-INF/param/workflows directory.

The wall-content.xml file is the workflow dedicated to short walls.

The editionfo.xml file is the workflow dedicated to "wiki" page content.

The calendar-default.xml and calendar-simple.xml files are examples of workflows for calendar events.

The content.xml file is the standard content workflow file. It includes the actions required for front-office modification of news, alerts and other content.

Configuration file

Download configuration files to put in your application's WEB-INF/param directory.

The file cms-uitools-project-workspace.xml contains the tools opened by default when accessing the backoffice of a project space.

Keys i18n

A few i18n keys related to workflows should be added to the i18n catalog of your application's plugin "default-workflow".

<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_CREATE_AND_VALIDATE">Création et validation</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_CREATE_AND_VALIDATE_DESCRIPTION">Crée et publie un contenu</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_CREATE_AND_VALIDATE_ACTION_DESCRIPTION">&lt;strong&gt;{user}&lt;/strong&gt; a créé et publié le contenu.</message>

<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_EDIT_FO">Modification depuis le site</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_EDIT_FO_DESCRIPTION">Cliquez ici pour modifier le contenu sélectionné.</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_ACTION_EDIT_ACTION_DESCRIPTION">&lt;strong&gt;{user}&lt;/strong&gt; a modifié le contenu.</message>

A few i18n keys should also be added to the application's i18n catalog(WEB-INF/i18n/application*.xml) for new workflows.

<message key="WORKFLOW_calendar-default">Sans cycle de vie</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_calendar-simple">Cycle avec validation</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_wall-content">Brève</message>
<message key="WORKFLOW_editionfo">Wiki</message>
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