plugin workspaces provides an "Alert" content type for projects.

An alert is dialed:

  • a title
  • a mandatory simple text limited to 100 characters
  • optional rich text

Displaying alerts

Alerts are intended to be displayed on a project's home page, at the top of the left-hand side area.
Only one alert is displayed (the most recent).

The rich field of an alert is not mandatory. If it is empty, the alert cannot be clicked. If it is not empty, the alert is clickable and redirects to the full alert page.

Creating an alert

When no alert exists on a project and the logged-in user has sufficient rights, the alert zone is replaced by a zone for creating an alert:

The rights to manage/modify project alerts are managed by the "Alert" module.

A user has the right to create a project alert if and only if:

  • he has "Create a page", "Add content" and "Create an alert" rights on the "Alert" module
  • he has the right to "Modify from front-office" on the home page of a project area

An alert is created with the title "New alert" and the default text "Enter the contents of your alert". 

The alert page is automatically created under the "Alert" root page of the project site.


Modification/deletion of an alert

Modifying/deleting an alert is accessible to authorized users by hovering over the alert.

The author of an alert has the right to modify/delete his/her own alerts.

A user has the right to modify/delete any alert if he/she has the Modify a content/Delete a page right on the "Alert" module.
Be careful not to add these rights to any profile.

Alerts can be edited directly on the alert page, field by field, using front-edition tools.


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