The statistics page allows you to download reports with information on each project in CSV format.
This page is intended for project managers only.


Create a "Statistics" page at the root of the sitemap, using the "Page" template and the "Project reports" service.

Label this page with the following labels:

  • Main heading
  • Special pages > Statistics

The "Statistics" label makes the page accessible from the User menu.

The "Page" template has a view parameter that displays the site's main sections as tabs.

It is advisable to check this view setting for the Statistics page.
To do this, click on "Set template" in the "Page with template" menu.

To access the "Set template" button, the user must have the "View settings" right in the "Page rights" category.

The page will then render as follows:

The pages accessible in the tab-style menu are the other pages labelled "Main heading".

The icon associated with a section depends on the page label. 4 labels in the "Special pages" category allow you to customize the icon associated with the heading:

  • Help 
  • Contact
  • Preferences
  • Statistics


Restricted access to Statistics page

Without any further action on your part, the Statistics page will automatically be accessible only to project managers. It is therefore not necessary to manually configure access to this page.

In addition, the list of projects and/or themes accessible in the reports are only the projects and themes of the manager.

This page is also automatically accessible to users with the "Generate reports on all projects" right in the general context of the Catalog site.



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