Page organization

The home page (index) of the catalog site is made up of 2 zones:

  • a header zone for the news carousel
  • a main area for the catalog of project spaces

News carousel

The header zone is designed to host the "Search" service for catalog news, with the "Catalog news" view.

Service configuration

The service must be configured as follows:

  • Items searched for: "Contents" of type "Catalog news
  • Search context: the site and current language
  • Criteria: none
  • Results: we recommend sorting results by start date and end date in reverse chronological order.
  • Reading rights : reading rights must be accurately verified

  • Display: the service must use the "Catalog News" view and the "Portlet" view for content.

Create catalog news

The first card in the service is a card for creating a new news item from the front office.

It is available if and only if :

  • a page labeled "News root page" exists
    Create a blank "News" page and label it Special pages > News root page. All catalog news will be created under this page.
  • if the user has sufficient rights
    To create a news item, the user must have the "Create page", "Add content" and "Create catalog news" rights on the news root page, as well as the "Edit from front-office" right on the home page.

Catalog news themes

In the page creation wizard, a screen allows you to select a theme and keywords for the news item to be created.
These are the same themes and keywords as for the projects.
Please note that the themes and keywords cannot be subsequently modified from the front office.

Topics and keywords are important because they will determine the visibility of the news for users.
In fact, the news visible for a given user are the news with the same topics or keywords as the projects to which he belongs.

Welcome card

When, for a given user, the number of news items visible in this carousel is less than 4, a welcome card is displayed.

To date, this is a static card.
The title and the 2 items are i18n keys that can be overloaded.
The card can also be completely overloaded with the graphic charter. This is the template "welcome-card" of the XSL services/web/pages/services/search/catalog-home-news.xsl

Catalog of project spaces

The main zone is designed to accommodate the "Project Space Catalog" service.

This service displays the list of projects to which the user belongs, as well as public projects.

Users with access rights can create new projects and modify existing ones from this service.

Service configuration

The service must be configured as follows:

  • Title prefix: prefix imposed on the title of project spaces created from this service. (e.g. "Project - "). Optional.
  • URL prefix: prefix forurl project spaces (e.g.
  • Available languages: languages available for a project site
  • Appearance: graphic charter to be used for project spaces. Use here the "Project" chart
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