plugin workspaces provides a "Catalog news" content type for cross-project news.

A current catalog consists of :

  • a title
  • a main illustration
  • a start date (optional)
  • an end date (optional)
  • content (rich text)

Catalog news must be labeled with a "Thematic" category label.

The labels in this category are automatic labels, which strictly reflect the project categories defined in the project space administration section. They cannot be modified.

Creating catalog news

On the front office, you can create a catalog news item from the news carousel on the home page.

The creation of catalog news is possible:

  • if a page labeled "News root page" exists
    Create a blank "News" page and label it Special pages > News root page. All catalog news will be created under this page.
  • if the user has sufficient rights
    To create a news item, the user must have the "Create page", "Add content" and "Create catalog news" rights on the news root page, as well as the "Edit from site" right on the home page.

A catalog news item is created with the title "New news item" and the default text "Enter the content of your news item". 

Catalog news can also be created from the catalog site back office.

Access rights to catalog news

Access rights to catalog news are automatically calculated according to the current user.

A user has the right to view a catalog news item if :

  • or he is the author of this news
  • or the news item is tagged with a theme and/or keyword of a project to which the user belongs.
    In other words, if the user belongs to a project with the "ECOPHYTO" theme, he/she will automatically be authorized to view all news items tagged with the "ECOPHYTO" theme. If the user belongs to a project with the keyword "Project management", he/she will automatically be authorized to view all news items tagged with the keyword "Project management".

Please note that the root page of catalog news must not be read by anonymous or logged-in users.Otherwise, all members will have access to catalog news, whatever their project.
In the "Restrict access" tool, the news root page must therefore be excluded for logged-in users.

Front-office modification of catalog news

Catalog news can be modified by its author from the front office.

The author of a news item can modify its title, start date, main illustration and content. Edit buttons are accessible by hovering over each element.

News labels cannot be modified from the front office.

A news item can be commented on by any logged-in user.

Editing by administration
A superuser with "Edit from front office", "Edit online" and "Validate content" rights on the news root page will be able to edit any news item from the front office.



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