Register page and change password

Registration page 

To enable users to create an account, you need to create a page with the "Registration" service.

This page must use the "Public page" template and be accessible to anonymous users.

Service configuration

The service must be configured as follows:

  • Title: service title (e.g. Register)
  • User directory: select the user directory to be used for storing registered users
  • Content type: this is the type of content that will be created and linked to the user when the account is created. Choose the "Project member" type here.
  • Display T&Cs: Ametys offers 3 options for displaying the T&Cs (none, link to a page or text in the registration form). For best results, we advise you to choose the 3rd option by selecting a content with the T&Cs.
  • T&Cs content: if you have chosen to display the T&Cs directly in the form, select the content containing the T&Cs text here.
  • Registration validation: Ametys offers 3 ways to finalize the registration (display a standard message, display a standard message with a link to a page of your choice, or display personalized content). 
  • Final content: if you have chosen a personalized message at the end of the registration process, select the content containing the confirmation/welcome text here.

Registration steps

Here are the registration steps when the service is configured as described above.

Step 1: Address information mail

In this step, visitors enter the email address that will be associated with their account.

You will then be prompted to check your email address to continue your registration.
The link in email will take you to step 2.

Step 2: Create user file

The link contained in the mail received, allows you to go to step 2 and create the user file.

The fields available here are of the "Project member" content type (org.ametys.plugins.workspaces.Content.member) and its default "signup" view.

To add or remove fields from this form, you'll need to override the content type and its "signup" view in your application.

Remember to give anonymous users read permission on the reference tables used in the registration form (e.g. skills), otherwise the list will always be empty for users currently registering.

Step 3: Validation of terms and conditions

If you have configured the service to display the T&Cs in the registration form, step 3 displays the text of the T&Cs.

You can return to step 2 from step 3.

End of registration

Following validation of step 3, the standard or personalized message is displayed.
The user receives a mail with his login details and can connect to his account on the Catalogue site.

Password modification

To enable users to change their password or retrieve a forgotten password, you need to create a page containing the "Password" service.

As with the registration page, this page must use the "Public page" template and be accessible to anonymous users.

Steps to recover your password

Users must first enter the email address associated with their account.

He is then invited to follow the instructions onemail.

The link contained in the e-mail received then allows him to redefine a password.

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