Customize notification emails Ametys Workspaces (version 2.11.x or higher)

This chapter applies to Ametys Workspaces 2.11.0 or higher (Ametys 4.8.0+).

Ametys Workspaces provides a specific mail template for project space notifications.

As of version 4.8.0, Ametys also provides a standard mail template for all other e-mail notifications sent by the application.

From version 2.11.0 of Project Spaces, for a charter extending the Ametys Workspaces charter, the personalization of Project Space e-mail templates is identical to the personalization of the "standard" mail template.
Customization (logo/color/font) will be applied to both "standard" and project space mails.


Refer to the integration manual for standard mail template customization.

Pay attention to the subtlety of the overload import:

<xsl:import href="skin:workspaces://stylesheets/mail/standard/template.xsl"/>

to be applied to project area emails and standard emails.

You can also refer to the Ametys Workspaces charter customization manual.

The zip file provided on this page includes a sample overload for notification mails.

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