New right of access to the BO

This page should only be applied if the script assisted migration asks you to pass the manual migration data.20230904.newboaccessright

As of this version 2.11.x of project spaces, a project manager has no access to the project back-office by default. 

The "Manage in back-office" buttons, accessible from the project space catalog or the project website, are no longer available to project managers by default.

To access a project's BO, a project manager must now have the "Back-office access" right in the "Administration of project areas" category, on the new "General (site )" context of the catalog site.

If you wish to authorize this access to some of your project managers, you need to create a rights profile containing this new right, and assign it to the "General (site)" context of the catalog site for the manager(s) concerned.

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