Hierarchical project structure

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At script , existing projects are reviewed and assigned a theme corresponding to their former classification category.

After executing script, the server must be restarted.

NB: it is normal for this restart to take a long time due to the execution of auto-migration scripts.

Keep an eye on the migration logs to make sure that the auto scripts ran smoothly this time.
You should see, for example :

2020-12-09 16:36:03,132 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) ACL on 101 project(s) removed
2020-12-09 16:36:03,132 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 0 project(s) were categorized (since it is now mandatory)
2020-12-09 16:36:03,148 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 0 project had pages that were reordered to match new modules order
2020-12-09 16:36:03,149 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 534 module page(s) modified
2020-12-09 16:36:04,085 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) No error project(s) languages
2021-02-17 16:32:53,286 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 92 edition FO service(s) have been removed in default workspace
2021-02-17 16:32:53,756 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 92 edition FO service(s) have been removed in live workspace
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