This page should only be used if the application asks you to manually migrate plugin.workspaces.jcr.20201000T0000

ATTENTION: some automatic scripts will be executed at server startup.
But they can only be executed if the script migration guide for automatic scripts has been passed on the repository (migration 4.2 -> 4.3)

If you see the following message in your application logs:
org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationException: Your existing data for the component 'plugin.workspaces.jcr' does not support automatic migrations. Please follow the migration guide.
script for automatic migrations has not been run. Skip it and restart the server.

During the 1st reboot, the automatic migration scripts will normally fail, and will only be able to run after the 1st script migration.

    • 01 - Hierarchical project structure

      Download file "01 - MoveProjects.js" (4.1 Kb)

      At script , existing projects are reviewed and assigned a theme corresponding to their former classification category.

      After executing script, the server must be restarted.

      NB: it is normal for this restart to take a long time due to the execution of auto-migration scripts.

      Keep an eye on the migration logs to make sure that the auto scripts ran smoothly this time.
      You should see, for example :

      2020-12-09 16:36:03,132 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) ACL on 101 project(s) removed
      2020-12-09 16:36:03,132 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 0 project(s) were categorized (since it is now mandatory)
      2020-12-09 16:36:03,148 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 0 project had pages that were reordered to match new modules order
      2020-12-09 16:36:03,149 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 534 module page(s) modified
      2020-12-09 16:36:04,085 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) No error project(s) languages
      2021-02-17 16:32:53,286 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 92 edition FO service(s) have been removed in default workspace
      2021-02-17 16:32:53,756 INFO [org.ametys.core.migration.MigrationExtensionPoint.workspaces] (main;) 92 edition FO service(s) have been removed in live workspace
    • 02 - Project-related graphics

      Please note that the script header must be customized.

      Download file "02 - MigrateSkin.js" (2 Kb)

      This script assigns new skins to existing catalog and project sites.

      Customization according to the name of your catalog site and the name of the new charts (workspace-project and workspace-catalog if you use the Ametys charts directly, or ***-project and ***-catalog if you use your own chart variation).

    • 03 - Catalog page

      Please note that the header of this script must be customized.

      Download file "03 - MigrateCatalogHomePage.js" (1.9 Kb)

      This script migrates the home page of the catalog site:
      - Removal of obsolete zones
      - Modification of catalog service parameters

    • 04 - Project home pages

      Download file "04 - MigrateProjectHomePage.js" (10.4 Kb)

      This script migrates project home pages

      • Removal of obsolete zones and services
      • Search service added for alerts
      • Added search service for project news
      • Search service added to news wall
      • Project suggestion" service added
    • 05 - New modules

      Download file "05 - MigrateNewModules (4.3).js" (3.8 Kb ) or "05 - MigrateNewModules (4.4).js" (4 Kb)

      This script activates the new News, Alerts, Members and Newswall modules on all projects.

      For each of these modules, the default member profile will be assigned to members and the default manager profile will be assigned to managers.

    • 06 - Other pages

      Download file "06 - MigrateOtherProjectPages.js" (2.1 Kb)

      This script deletes obsolete areas on wiki module pages, renames some pages, ...

    • 07 - Comment moderation

      Download file "07 - MigrateSites.js" (1.7 Kb)

      This script sets the "Comment moderation" configuration parameter to "ex-post" for all project sites and the catalog site.

    • 08 - Allocation of new rights

      Go to the administration interface to adjust your profile rights.

      New rights such as "Create a catalog news item", "Create a project news item", "Create an alert", "Generate reports on all projects", "Pin a brief", "Cross-functional search", ... have been added.

      Take a look at the new rights and assign them to the profiles that should be authorized to perform these actions.

      For example:

      • the catalog site manager will need rights to create the "Transverse search", "Project report" and .... services.
      • a project manager should be able to "Create a catalog news item", "Create a project news item" and "Create an alert".
    • 09 - Choosing colors for your themes

      Migration must create at least 1 project theme. Each project must be associated with a theme.

      Go to the administration interface, open the "Project areas" tool, then the "Themes" tool, and modify your themes by choosing a color.

    • 10 - Setting up the catalog site

      The catalog site must be set up manually, by going to the site's back-office.
      At this stage, the catalog site generally contains only the home page.

      Follow the instructions in Catalogue site setup

End of manual migration

To tell the system that manual migration is complete, run script and then reboot.

If the target version is 4.6 or lower :

Migration.jcr.addVersion("plugin.workspaces.jcr", "20201000T0000");

If the target version is 4.7 or higher :

Migration.addVersion("plugin.workspaces.jcr", null, null, "20201000T0000");
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