From Workspaces 2.1

OnlyOffice / DocumentServer enables Ametys to

  • edit office documents from the "Files" module of project spaces directly in the browser
  • get thumbnails and previews of office documents in the "Files" module (from Workspaces 2.2)


Depending on the expected traffic, it may be advisable to install OnlyOffice on a physical network machine other thanAmetys.

The Ametys server must be able to communicate with the OnlyOffice server and vice versa via http/https.

Project area end-users must also be able to communicate directly with the OnlyOffice server via http/https.

If at least CMS Ametys or one of the sites is configured in https then OnlyOffice must also be configured in https.


Performing a standard OnlyOffice installation


Generate a secret key to be shared with theAmetys configuration in the form of a character string.

Modify the configuration file /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/local. json

  • services.CoAuthoring.token.enable.request.inbox : false => true
  • services.CoAuthoring.token.enable.request.outbox : false => true
  • services.CoAuthoring.token.enable.browser : false => true
  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.inbox.string : secret => your key
  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.outbox.string : secret => your key
  • services.CoAuthoring.secret.session.string : secret => your key
  • service.CoAuthoring.server.assemblyFormatAsOrigin: Set this key to "false".

then restart : sudo supervisorctl restart all (OnlyOffice 7.2 et -)
              sudo service ds-converter restart (OnlyOffice 7.3 et +) 
              sudo service ds-docservice restart 
              sudo service ds-metrics restart

During automatic updates, this file may be overwritten, disabling security.
It may be advisable to have a copy of this modified file, or to remove write permissions on the file in question.

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